Fun Hand Sketches

Happy New Year!

A-Frame Holiday House Sketch

A fanciful variation on an A-Frame house.

Craftsman Style Light Fixture

Building my Craftsman style light fixture. As an Architect, building something I designed (even if it’s small and relatively easy) gives you great respect for the abilities of the contractors and craftsmen who build the projects we design. #archdaily #lightdesign #arch_more #sketching #midcenturymodern #kjarchitect #whatanarchitectdoes #woodworking

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween pen & ink sketch/photoshop #halloween # witch #sketch #sketching #arch_more


Pen and ink sketch/Photoshop.
Available at:
Redbubble – kjadesign

Not Built – Feeling like Howard Roark

Sometimes it’s fun to look at your designs that were ‘Not Built’ and feel a little like Howard Roark in ‘The Fountainhead’

Siding, window and entrance canopy study

A quick study sketch for siding and window replacement + entrance canopy with rain chain.

Memorial Day 2017

Remembering all the men & women who died fighting for our country & freedom.
photo/photoshop/pen&ink sketch

Happy Valentine’s Day

Pen & Ink Sketch

Modern Small Solar House Concept – Section

A quick sketch section with color for a small modern solar house.